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Episode 9 – Rites of Ash

My interview with Rites of Ash is an example of what it sounds like when I totally lose control of my interview.  But it was a good time…we got to talk about how they came together, how they approach their live shows and how they got a keytar.

This episode features Molly and She’s Out for Blood from Rites of Ash‘s current EP, She’s Out for Blood.

www: http://ritesofash.com


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Episode 8 – I:Scintilla

For this episode, we have I:Scintilla on the show.  They’re based in Chicago, and they’re another one of those bands I have a hard time describing.  Their music swings from bouncy club tracks to stompy industrial, to acoustic covers.  I really dig what they do and I’m going to have to try a lot harder to see them next time they tour.  I was recovering from the flu when we recorded this and they were very cool about waiting through my tea drinking and fuzziness.

Over at iscintilla.com, they have a lot of their music available for streaming via Soundcloud, videos and links to pretty much everything they have out there.  Check out Marrow 2…the funk remix of Skin Tight is pretty awesome.

I started the show with the track Skin Tight which is on iScintilla’s new EP, Marrow 2.  I dig it and we talk more about it during the interview.  This episode will wrap with Dying and Falling from their previous album.


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Episode 7 – My Enemy Complete

While I was coming up with something to say for the intro, I realized that I’ve been listening to music from some of the guys in My Enemy Complete for over 13 years. Then I start a podcast and suddenly one night after work, I’m standing in their rehearsal space recording an interview. I really enjoy what they bring with their music…it’s complex but it’s not hard to follow. Equal parts light and heavy, simple and complicated with a great live show.

This episode kicks off with Defragment which was just released a couple weeks ago, and the closing song is called Silent Compromise.


www: http://myenemycomplete.com

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